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June 2022 Highlights

June has come and gone in a heartbeat. It’s been a hot month full of fun and keeping busy. I thought it might be a good idea to log my monthly highlights. This way, I get to ensure my memories and key moments are noted down, and if anyone suddenly decides they desperately need to know what I was up to in June 2022, they can still find out here! Let's get to it.


1 . Tunisia. After May was full to the brim with exams and essays, early June I got to spend a lovely week in Tunisia to re-charge my batteries. I didn’t realise how much I needed it, but my god, it was great! Beach + sunbathing + cocktails = a very good holiday indeed.

2. Exam Results. Slowly but surely the results from my end of second year exams are starting to come through. I’m really happy with the results and it shows that hard work and persistence does pay off.

3. I joined a gym. Yep, I’m totally classing this as a highlight! I got my ass into gear and joined a gym with lots of group fitness classes. Loving it so far, but not the muscle pain. Ha.

4. New Music Plans. Probably my most exciting highlight…. After ages of debating whether to (and when) to release new music, I decided to just go ahead and do it! Keep your eyes peeled around August time, something very special is coming your way.

5. I’m Off Again. It’s all go! At the time of posting this (29th June) I’m just about to board my flight to Amsterdam, the Netherlands from Liverpool Airport. Hasta la vista baby.

That’s my June 2022 highlights complete. See you when I’m back from my travels.


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