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May 2022 Highlights

Can you believe that we're nearly halfway through 2022 already? I swear, this year is flying by at a speedy tempo. The last couple months have been filled with songwriting (yay!), essay writing (boo!), and lots of general day-to-day life stuff in between.

I thought it might be a good idea to log my monthly highlights. This way, I get to ensure my memories and key moments are noted down, and if anyone suddenly decides they desperately need to know what I was up to in May 2022, they can still find out here! Let's get to it.


1 . Pacing. Quite a simple one – but an important one. Pacing myself and having ME time aside from work-based tasks has been a crucial factor in making sure that I make it through this month in an enjoyable fashion. There’s been so much happening all at once, so I’ve had to do this to avoid burn out (it’s not good to “burn the candle at both ends” as they say!).

2. Work it, baby! Pacing myself has meant that there’s more time for me and the little things that I enjoy, including working out! It feels like ages since I’ve been properly back in the gym, but I’ve started to self-motivate and it feels SO good. It’s something that I really enjoy. Just like Megan Thee Stallion says, “Confidence literally starts from yourself.”

3. Holiday. Pina Colada’s at the ready! I needed a good focus point to get through my exams, and what’s better than a little getaway?! I won’t be going away until June, but it’s exciting to book my first holiday in over 3 years and have something to look forward to. Bring on the sunshine!

4. Local Festival Booked. Yes, yes, yes! After a major gig hiatus (not my choice, Covid-19 chose for me), I decided that when I went back to live gigging, it would be in situations that I enjoy and that really fulfil me musically. Prior to Covid, I spent a lot of time gigging multiple times per week in various venues, so I guess after a 2-and-a-bit year break, I’m WAY more picky (but I'm OK with that). When I was asked to do this performance, I jumped at the chance and said yes straight away! That’s all I can say for now, but I’m looking forward to talking more about it soon.

5. Uni Submissions. As my second year is fast approaching the end, I’ve drank WAY too much coffee and spent endless hours working on my assignments. This semester, my modules were based on the creative industries, musical arrangement, financing, and vocal capture/production. 5 essays, 2 songs and 1 presentation pitch complete, all I can do now is wait for the results before I head into my next academic year.

That’s my May 2022 highlights complete. Let me know your top moments from this month in the comments below!

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