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New Glasses for Spring 2023 (Ivy Ash X Goodlookers Collab)

At the start of February 2023, Goodlookers gifted me some gorgeous reading glasses and sunglasses in time for Spring. I have a small prescription (+1) and usually only wear glasses when needed, when writing or producing music, or when I'm super tired. But these stylish and fashionable glasses got me thinking differently. Let's break down the 7 pairs that I received from Goodlookers UK.

Eco-Wheat Reading Glasses 'Encore' in Orange, Baby Pink and Fuchsia

The frames on these glasses are made from sustainably sourced Straw Wheat which is eco-friendly and biodegradable, so it gives the environment a helping hand while adding a touch of fashion! I received these glasses in orange, baby pink and fuchsia. They're all stunning statement pieces and great to add a pop of colour to your look. My personal favourites were the baby pink ones below, perfect for an understated look. Take a look at these glasses on the Goodlookers website here.

Here's what the other colours look like on the Goodlookers website.

Reading Glasses 'Burbank' Transparent

Next up we have the transparent glasses which are super understated and perfect for everyday wear. These are great for blue light protection, and you can check out my YouTube video review on all of the glasses below. You can purchase the transparent glasses directly here.

Eco-Wheat Reading Glasses 'Weybridge' Fuchsia

I felt that these glasses were a suitable fit for my face shape and probably the ones that I would get the most use out of day-to-day. The vibrant fuchsia colour is an eye catcher and there was stunning diamanté detail on the edges. View my fav reading glasses on the Goodlookers website.

Sunglasses Polarised 'Sheridan' Grey

This pair of sunglasses gives off a sophisticated vibe whilst still being practical and protecting. They also do them in a brown shade which looks beaut, I can't wait to try! A firm favourite for Spring and Summer 2023.

Sunglasses Polarised 'Appleby' Raspberry

Wow, these are stunners! My absolute fav of the whole collection. It's a sure thing that I'm going to be wearing these throughout summer 2023. Vibrant, beautiful, sturdy, polarised protection. They're currently listed as £22.95 (price correct as of Feb 2023) and are well worth the money. This raspberry colour is EVERYTHING. I'd love to know which glasses are your favourites, drop me a message and let me know.


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