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October 2022: Monthly Highlights of a DIY Music Artist

We’ve passed double digits! Month number ten has come and gone, and I’ve fully settled into autumn. The days are getting a lot darker (my fav time of year!) Here are just some of the things I got up to in the month of October.

By recapping on my month, I get to ensure my memories and key moments are noted down, and if anyone suddenly decides they desperately need to know what I was up to in October 2022, they can find out right here.


  1. Jack Saunders Masterclass. As part of my studies at BIMM Birmingham I had the opportunity to pitch my music for a listening session with Jack Saunders. Jack currently presents BBC Radio 1's Official Chart Show, so he's in the know! Luckily, I got accepted and it was amazing to get feedback from Jack on my music and artistry on a 121 basis. It's a rare chance to have a meeting with an industry pro like this, so I loved every second of it.

  2. Started recording 2 brand new songs. Yasssss! I have these bouts of creativity, and right now , it's sky high! I'm currently working on two tracks with a Norwegian and Swedish producer, so I can't wait to share the results of these collabs in the coming months.

  3. Room update. A big part of me being creative is having my office room in order. It's not just an office room to me though, it's a space where I do ALL of my admin, record my vocals (I have a little DIY vocal booth) and edit. I upgraded with a new desk and a few items, and it's made such a difference to my work flow. The simple things really do make a difference!

  4. Massage time. I just needed a massage to chill soooo bad. Uni work got me stressed already and I've only just begun 3rd year. The massage was great, I felt chill for 1 hour at least and this DEFINITELY needed to be added to my top highlights, that is all :-)

Following Taylor Swift's announcement of her 'The Eras Tour,' I wanted to re-create my own poster version. I'm a swifty and I love it! Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

November has started at full speed, and I'm sure I'll have lots to update you on by next month! Next week I'm heading to Sweden so I'll keep you updated on my time there. Stay groovy! Don't forget you can stream my music on Spotify here.


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