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Tinted Serum Foundation: Honey Glow (Ivy Ash X Lumee Cosmetics Collab)

Towards the end of February 2023, I was gifted the Tinted Serum Foundation in shade Honey Glow from Lumee Cosmetics. Lumee are a New Zealand owned company specialising in beautifully crafted make-up that is packed with skin loving ingredients.

“Lumee is committed to help women discover their own inner and outer beauty with photo true cosmetic products that help build your self-esteem and self love. We promise to only use unedited images of real women wearing our makeup to show the true beauty of our products." - Lumee Cosmetics

I couldn’t wait to try this serum foundation, so I thought It’d be beneficial to video and blog my thoughts. Here’s some things I LOVE about the Tinted Serum Foundation.

The Packaging is BEAUTIFUL

First impressions always go a long way, and I love how this was sent and packaged. It's giving me ALL the luxury vibes, and I can see why this would make a lovely gift or stocking filler. You can purchase this foundation directly from the Lumee website, and it currently retails at $74.00.

It’s super nourishing

I struggle with dry skin, so a serum based foundation is a perfect fit for me. I feel that this foundation is much more hydrating than other foundation formulas that I've tried. Watch my Lumee make-up video here to see the full process.

"We know beauty is more than just a pretty face or the right products. It's the confidence that comes with having a unique sparkle in your eye and a signature style to call your own... We promise to never compromise on the quality of our ingredients and to always create Vegan friendly, Cruelty free and Ethically sourced products so you can be the most radiant, glamorous version of yourself, without compromising your values." - Lumee Cosmetics

Easily buildable

Their lightweight formula can be added to gradually without looking cakey or patchy. This means you can add a little or a lot, either way it’ll still look good. If you're a dry skin babe like me, this will be such a bonus to you!

It’s a skin & make up 2-in-1

The nourishing, hydrating element of this foundation pretty much makes it a skin and make up product combined. I don't spend a lot of time getting ready day-to-day, so I’m here for anything that saves time and makes my life a little easier!

Overall, I'm really happy with the Lumee Cosmetics Honey Glow Tinted Serum Foundation. The consistency is smooth, the shade is bright, and it lasts all day without going patchy.

For next time, I'd probably consider mixing my Honey Glow shade with the shade Porcelain Glow to get an ever closer skin colour match.

Let me know what you think of the product and what shade you've chosen to purchase!


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